Step 1
: Location? size?, newer or older? single family or townhouse? The compromise is a point. Contact us to narrow down your choice is very important thing.

Step 2: How much you will affordable? What your monthly payment? How is your credit? A pre-approved is a point, Contact to our loan department to have a free consulting. Phone: 650-3878985.

Step 3: It is very important and effective to use our real time online search. It will help you to find a house and update automatically when the new property put on market and someone reduce the price.

Next, start to visit the home in person. Our agent will arrange visits and attend open house, what's pro, what's con, how many upgrade, any encumbrance? Professional agent is very important in this step.

In the meantime, we have another option, you look home yourself, we write a contract and send an offer after you make a decision, you will receive much more rebate.

Step 4: This the most important step. Whether or not catch your dream home? How much you will offer? How to write the terms in purchase agreement? The key person is the real estate agent. Try to contact our RE department, you should have a satisfied result.

Step 5: This is a major step in the buying process and there are many potential problems that can be discovered from disclosure package, termite, property inspection report and others. The RE agent help you to review the disclosure package is a key point in this step.

Step 6: Smoothly close is a goal. How? It depend on following person
s cooperation: Buyer, loan and RE agent, escrow officer even an Appraiser. The key is team work. Remember our mission: "One stop for all your real estate needs.

Step 7: It has not finished yet. Do you need clean up, paint, yard work, remodel, basic interior design, etc. Too much work to be done. How and where? Remember our goal: "Beginning of our service, throughout the real estate process".


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